There's often disconnect between creative and performance marketers when it comes to social media marketing. Figuring that out is just one of the things that helped Steve Weiss grow MuteSix from to over 200 people in just a few short years. 

"If I could educate my creatives how to be more data driven and if I could educate my performance marketers how to be more creative I'd have a winning company. In a humble way, that's how we started" 

In this episode we chat about some of the latest trends in social media marketing and tactics specifically for ecommerce. 

In this episode we discuss: 

  • What are some of the biggest ecommerce brands doing to leverage social media 
  • What's the deal with TicTok? How are ecommerce brands using it and is it worth investing time into? 
  • What would Steve do if he ran an online store and only had $1,000 to spend on social media marketing? 
  • What would Steve do if he ran that same store but had $100,000 to spend?  
  • What's the latest with influencer marketing? Does it still work? What about micro-influences?

Our guest: 

Steve is a lifelong entrepreneur, marketer, and the Founder and CEO of MuteSix, an iProspect Company, and an award-winning, full-funnel digital and creative studio founded in 2014. He is responsible for the overall vision, strategic leadership, service delivery, culture, and growth of the creative agency that has generated over a billion dollars in trackable revenue for its clients. 

Under Steve’s direction, MuteSix has earned the distinction of most awarded Facebook social advertising agency, with more Facebook & Instagram marketing case studies than any other agency. MuteSix has grown into a comprehensive and integrated global marketing agency with prominent clients across all major industry B2B/B2C sectors, including leading brands in retail, e-commerce, luxury, nonprofit, technology, sports, publishing, and financial services. 

Steve is a frequent speaker at paramount industry events and serves as a regular commentator on ad-tech topics and trends as they relate to the digital advertising ecosystem.

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