What metrics matter for ecommerce brands today? We asked Richard Kestenbaum, a New-York based investment banker and co-founder of Triangle Capital who has spent the last 20 years working with consumer facing brands. Kestenbaum brings a tremendous wealth of knowledge and experience  — from fashion, apparel, and beauty, to pet retail and subscriptions. A regular contributor to Forbes business blog, Kestenbaum shares the latest ecommerce trends, technology, and metrics you should be aware of whether you are just starting out, or leading a high-growth enterprise. 

Some topics we discuss:

  • Metrics and key indicators used to determine whether a business is performing well or not.
  • The rapid rise of the subscription economy and what the future holds for subscription brands. 
  • Why certain subscription verticals are performing better than others.
  • How AI has influenced retail and the future of machine learning commerce. 
  • Omnichannel vs. Omniretail and the rise of “anywhere” commerce.
  • The top challenges facing retailers in commerce today, the latest trends and technologies shaping the marketplace. 

Guest bio:

Richard Kestenbaum has been an investment banker for over 40 years and founded New York based Triangle Capital in 2003. Since then he has developed a long and successful track-record completing transactions for clients in consumer-facing businesses. With a focus on mergers, acquisitions, and capital raising, Kestenbaum shares his knowledge and experience regularly on a blog about consumers and trends hosted by Forbes.com. 

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