Kurt Elster has been growing “unofficially” with Shopify since its infancy.

In today’s episode, the host of the one and only Unofficial Shopify Podcast talks about how his entrepreneurial spirit took him on an unconventional path to ecommerce success — and over 1 million podcast downloads.

He also covers how to ace key elements of the ecommerce experience that most stores struggle to get right, like positioning and CRO.

In addition to the Unofficial Shopify Podcast, Kurt runs a consultancy, Ethercycle, that has helped dozens of SMB merchants excel on Shopify.

Topics covered:

  • Kurt’s unconventional path to success in ecommerce 
  • The best ways to troubleshoot your online store
  • How to turn visitors into customers
  • The underused potential of copywriting
  • The power of positioning 
  • Black Friday messaging during COVID-19

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