Jason Cottrell is the Founder and CEO of Myplanet, a software studio committed to reimagining what is possible in today’s commerce landscape. Headquartered in Toronto, ON, Myplanet specize in headless commerce, best-in-breed data infrastructure, and helping brands—from New Balance to Harry Rosen—tailor digital solutions that futureproof and grow their business. 

Join us for a dynamic discussion about the state of commerce, and what the future holds for brands and builders embracing the MACH Alliance (microservices, API-first, cloud-native, headless) ecosystem. Find out what winning brands are doing to succeed in a post-pandemic economy that relies more than ever on an air-tight digital experience. 

Topics discussed: 

  • What it means for a brand to have a well executed digital experience. 
  • How brands like Harry Rosen and New Balance transformed their digital presence with a composable commerce architecture.  
  • Why it’s important that Myplanet is an adapter of the MACH Alliance framework. 
  • What MACH architecture and the ecommerce landscape will look like in 5 years. 
  • How IoT (Internet of Things) technologies are changing the industry. 
  • The biggest mistakes today’s brands are making.


Guest Bio: 

Join CEO and Founder of Myplanet, Jason Cottrell, for an exciting discussion on the current state and future of commerce and the digital experience. Listen to industry-leading insights, key takeaways, and what brands are doing to win, or lose, in today’s competitive and rapidly changing commerce landscape.



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