Did you know that 82% of Internet’s traffic comes from video? For CEO & Founder of VideoWise, Claudiu Cioba, stats like this represent a tremendous opportunity for ecommerce brands. Dive into a fascinating discussion about interactive video content and how it has already begun to revolutionize ecommerce. Cioba founded a dedicated shoppable-video solution for ecommerce in 2021 and has already seen significant results for brands embracing this next-gen approach.

Some topics we discuss: 

  • The significance of video content to shoppers and brands today.
  • How Cioba came up with the idea for VideoWise and launched in 2021.
  • Success stories from brands using video and interactive commerce.
  • Data and key findings from the world of video commerce.
  • Is shoppable video the right solution for you ecommerce store or enterprise brand?
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