Welcome to Own Your Commerce Season 2! We're kicking off with an episode we've been excited to share featuring Andrew Forman, Founder and CEO of Givz — the donation incentives app for Shopify. Founded in 2017, Givz is already disrupting the discount-heavy ecommerce space by giving brands the opportunity to offer donation incentives with purchases (Eg., spend a hundred dollars, get $20 to give to a charity of your choice). The amazing part is they are finding these sorts of offers actually can convert higher than traditional discounts. Today, forward-thinking companies work with Givz to grow sales and celebrate the personalized causes their consumers care about. 

Some of the topics we discuss are:

  • Why discounts are so problematic for the long term profitability of a business.
  • What factors modern consumers are really driven by other than price.
  • How today’s brands are  embracing the move towards social good.
  • How giving away money to give away can actually outperform a traditional discount. 
  • The business benefits of donation-driven marketing, plus some less intangible, longer-term positive effects. 
  • Personalized purpose and the future of conscious consumerism. 

Guest Bio

Andrew Forman is the Founder and CEO of Givz, a donation incentives solution for Shopify. Prior to Givz, Andrew spent six years years in investment banking and was the treasurer of a nonprofit organization. He holds an MBA from Harvard Business School and a BA in Mathematics and Economics from Hamilton College. He lives in New York, is a proud father of two, and still tries to make time for recreational sports.

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