We are pleased to welcome Alok Ahuja, CEO and Founder of the innovative same-day local delivery solution, Trexity. Think of it like Uber Eats, but for ecommerce delivery. Whether trying to keep up with ever-increasing customer expectations, or servicing a local marketplace, Trexity enables brands to offer same day local delivery and makes it smooth and easy. Ahuja has worked for Shopify and brings 15+ years of software technology and ecommerce experience to this conversation, with key insights and advice for any brand looking to remove the friction from delivery. 

 Some topics we discuss: 

  • The importance of providing an intimate, reliable delivery experience for customers.
  • Leveraging local delivery for subscriptions to increase customers lifetime value. 
  • D2C brands hyper focus on owning the entire customer experience from manufacturing to delivery. 
  • The changing landscape of commerce and how local and brick & mortar retailers can add value through delivery. 
  • The “Amazon factor” and how it has raised the bar of what customers expect.  
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